Water Damage Photo Gallery

Techs hard a work on warped flooring from Water Damage

Brian Tebbs and Jeremicah

Look at our General Manager, Brian Tebbs and our technician Jeremicah at work with a smile! Hard work doesn't have to come with a sad grin. We make it "Like it never even happened." 

Green SERVPRO Air Movers

SERVPRO Hightlight of Equipment


"Air Mover"

What does an Air Mover do? An Air Mover forces moisture out of affected building materials, placing that moisture into the air. Usually used with a dehumidifier which removes the moisture from the air. Both help to dry down an affected structure. 

Learning is fun! Call anytime for more info. 

Please note: We do rent our equipment out!

SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene


Hardwood Flooring Flooded

One of the downfalls of hardwood flooring is standing water can ruin it quickly. If you do not get the water extracted and professional drying equipment set quickly, your hardwood flooring could be beyond restoration. 

Sewage damage in Spirit Lake

This residential property had a toilet overflow upstairs and made it's way downstairs affected six rooms. There were ceilings and walls affected by the contaminated water as well. It's best to not touch anything and call a professional immediately.

Effects of Prolonged Water Damage

Extensive mold damage to the residential property pictured resulted from a long term water leak. The leak ended up penetrating through the insulation and the ceiling in the majority of the home causing mold growth to spread quickly. The SERVPRO crew was required to tear out the ceilings, walls, and insulation before treating this mold infestation.

Nobody plans for a burst pipe!

The last thing a homeowner or business owner expects to have is a burst pipe - but all too often, it happens, and when it does - Look Out!  Water can wreak havoc on ANY floor surface and if you're in a multi-floor facility, you're in a world of chaos.  There's a lot to know about water too: Is it clean, gray or black?  How long has it been surfaced?  How are you going to get it dry again?  Water is something we know well - and we can help bail you out of ANY size disaster, be it a small residence or a high rise in the city.  Call us for any size water damage and let our skilled staff do what they're awesome at doing!

Get your contents out of water.

Cardboard boxes can be handy, convenient and used for storing stuff throughout our homes.  But when the water heads to the basement, trouble can ensue as moisture + cardboard = opportunities for mold to grow.  SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene recommends that you store your items in plastic totes with lids instead of cardboard boxes.  If your cardboard boxes get wet:

  • empty the box and dry out the contents 100%
  • replace all boxes with a plastic container  
  • toss out the water damaged box even if it appears to have dried.

Basement Flood

Finding a large pool of water in your basement doesn't make for a great day! Here at SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene we can help make your day better by cleaning and restoring your basement "Like It Never Even Happened".

Water Damage

Sometimes you may not notice how far the water damage has gone until things are torn open. SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene remediates the water damage preventing mold from accumulating. We are your "One-Stop-Shop" for rebuilds as well!