Community Photo Gallery

SERVPRO supporting our Community

Israel at the Post Falls Food bank! 

SERVPRO loves to help local non-profits. Thanks Israel.  

Israel with our New Sheriff Bob Norris

Before Robert Norris was officially elected, our Marketing Specialist, Israel Herrera, made great friends. This is just one photo of them together among many.  

Hayden Chamber of Commerce Event

Our Business Development Manager sporting that SERVPRO brand at the Hayden Chamber Expo Business Fair. 

Gift basket prize for a special winner

Greg & Jan Jesberger of Jan Jesberger Insurance (Hayden, ID) are the winners of this cute little gift basket. Great job and thanks for entering into the drawing! 

Post Falls Kiwanis Golf Tournament

What What? Another drawing? Who will win this time? 


Israel and another Certificate

Israel is working with Elevate North Academy as they start off a new venture in the education world. Thanks Israel for your networking efforts. 

Marketer at our Post Falls Business Fair 2021

Our Business Development Manager, Angela, having a great time at the Post Falls business fair. Meeting new people and businesses is TRUE NETWORKING! 

Summer 2019 Golf Tournament

We LOVE golf and our golfers! Did you know that SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene is a sponsor of the PGA tour! Get a ticket, grab a flyer and enjoy your time out on the course with your SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene reps!  

Israel and Angela- Marketers

These two are the faces you see out on visits! They love their community and love building relationships! This is at a Keller Williams event where Israel helped serve food and Angela taught about how SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene can assist home sellers and buyers!