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Reset Your Business!

6/8/2021 (Permalink)

Spray cleaning with gloves Spray cleaning with gloves

Reset Your Business! 


If you’re an operating business owner then you tend to know how important it is at this time to have confidence that you’re functioning in the cleanest, safest environment possible. That’s why many businesses are calling on SERVPRO of Coeur d’Alene to help them in the deep cleaning of their spaces so that employees and customers alike feel good about coming in.

It has been a countless fight against the COVID-19 virus and is important to know where to get a deep cleaning in the event of an outbreak. Furthermore, as things are slowing down in this area, SERVPRO of Coeur d’Alene professionals have the skills and the tools to give your business a clean reset, so you can get back to “normal”.

As the deadly COVID-19 virus made its way into the U.S., SERVPRO’s expertise in cleanup and restoration was called on to help. SERVPRO went to the frontlines in the battle to decontaminate facilities early on in the pandemic.

Business owners from small restaurants to major brands have come to know SERVPRO as a name they can trust in an emergency because of their reputation as the #1 choice in the cleanup and restoration industry. SERVPRO of Coeur d’Alene is that trusted locally owned and operated location for all of North Idaho!

Are you needing a reset for your business? Call us at SERVPRO of Coeur d’Alene today 208-457-1234.

Basement Floods

6/8/2021 (Permalink)

Flooded Basement Flooded Basement

What To Do When Your Basement Floods 


While instincts tell you to panic at the sight of pooled water inside your home, try to keep calm.

The most important thing to remember is to never enter a flooded area when the power is on.

Start with these steps:

  1. Shut off electricity and gas to the area. If you’re not sure how, call an electrician or your local SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene who can get someone out to you right away.
  2. Try to determine the source of the water. Excessive rainfall or a burst pipe are two top reasons why your basement may flood.
  3. If safe to proceed, and while wearing protective gear like boots, gloves and a mask, enter the water to investigate the source further. If your basement has a drain and you can safely navigate to it, check to see if it is clogged.
  4. Time to get that water out of there. Depending on the amount of water, this may be as simple as using towels, a mop, or a wet vacuum. If the flooding is more extensive, an sump pump or extractor may be necessary. Once the bulk of the water has been removed, soak up all remaining moisture with towels.
  5. Assess damage. Remove any items, like furniture, that appear damaged by the water and move them to a space where they can dry. If the drying process on items is taking longer than a couple days, unfortunately, they may not be able to be salvaged. Any items that were within boxes should be removed to air out, and all items should be monitored for mildew growth.
  6. Get the air moving in the basement to dry it out. Open windows and doors, and use fans placed around the space to inspire quick drying of the flooded area. If you have a dehumidifier, move it to the basement to aid the drying process.

How to prevent your basement from flooding?

It’s easy to look back at the cause of a flooded basement and see where things went wrong, but what about preventing flooding before it occurs? There are some measures you can take today to help waterproof your basement and safeguard it against a catastrophic flooding episode.

  • Keep your rain gutters clean, and make sure they’re pointed away from the foundation of your home.
  • During the next heavy rain, check around your yard to see where water is pooling and being diverted to. If it’s going toward the foundation of your home, contact an expert to grade your yard so it’s able to properly handle the water it receives during storms.
  • If you have a basement window, make sure it’s protected with a window well cover.
  • A sump pump can be your basement’s hero. An automatic sump pump set to trigger on when it senses water in your basement space offers a layer of protection for your home, even when you’re not there. Homeowners in particularly flood-prone areas should have a backup sump pump, and check to see if flood insurance is available for purchase.

When to call for help with basement flooding:

Calling a professional for help is always a good idea, especially if the amount of water is more than a foot deep, many items have become wet, or mildew is beginning to take hold. Quickly removing the water and beginning the drying process is essential to lessen the possibility for mold to form, which can greatly increase the damage and cost involved.

SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene has the knowledge, experience and expertise to help you quickly deal with a flooded basement cleanup, because we handle these types of jobs all the time. Let us deal with the stress and get your basement back in working order.

Give us a call @ 208-457-1234 and we will take the worry for you.

Summertime- Broken Pipes & Water Damage

6/8/2021 (Permalink)

Leaky pipe near wood beams Leaky pipe near wood beams

Summertime- Broken Pipes & Water Damage


Broken pipes can be more of a problem than you may be aware of during the summer months. Here are 2 tips to help you to keep your home safe from water damage this summer.


Sewer backups and clogs are the worst and are all too common- especially in summertime. Any excess pressure that may be in your sewer lines can be a major cause for disaster. This is where SERVPRO of Coeur d’Alene can come in to help! We are Disaster Recovery Specialists and knowing who to call first is KEY!


With summer just about here, this means there is greater demand for water (such as in watering your lawn, filling and maintaining a swimming pool, hot tub, turning your sprinklers back on, etc). This increased water usage could cause a problem. How can I make sure to do all I can for prevention? First things first- you may want to have your pipes checked and/or updated regularly. Make sure that no deterioration is present in your pipes. The ultimate goal here is to prevent any water from coming into your water wells and ultimately flooding your basement. 

As a reminder- SERVPRO of Coeur d’Alene specializes in water damage! Feel free to call us anytime for a quote. We are here for you and our motto is to make it "Like it never even happened."

Reach us today @ 208-457-1234

14 Bad Habits

6/8/2021 (Permalink)

Fireman extinguishing a house fire Fireman extinguishing a house fire

14 Bad Habits That Could Burn Down Your Home 


As busy homeowners, fire prevention has taken a back seat on our list of priorities creating bad habits. House fires are becoming more and more frequent due to common bad habits that can quickly become a fire hazard. Without you realizing it, these potential fire starters are hiding in plain sight throughout your home. For instance forgetting to take the time to change a dull light bulb or leaving an abundant amount of lint in your dryer. Our mind disguises these simple tasks as harmless, when in reality, it can become quite devastating. Let's look at what some of these things are: 1. Piling up dirty, oily rags- If left sitting, these rags could oxidize and spontaneously combust. 2. Misusing electric blankets- If heat starts to buildup or the coils bend the wrong way, the electrical blanket can catch on fire. 3. Neglecting appliance recalls- In previous years defective appliances caused 150,000 fires. 4. Lingering dryer lint- The combination of lint buildup and excessive heat can create a fire.  5. Letting your laptop overheat- If the cooling vent airflow is restricted, the laptop can over heat and catch on fire. 6. Choosing the wattage- Using the wrong wattage of a light bulb can initiate an electrical fire. 7. Using too many extension cords- This can create an overload leading to a short circuit, which can produce a fire. 8. Performing DIYs you’re not qualified to do- Electrical wiring, plumbing, and HVAC mistakes can easily ignite fires. 9. Disregarding dust- Dust buildup around electronics and electronic sockets can become a fire hazard. 10. Storing batteries improperly- If the battery’s terminal makes contact with other metals (screws, papers clips, etc.), it can short out the battery producing enough heat to possibly catch flammable material on fire. 11. Ignoring mice or other rodents- These animals are known for chewing on electrical wires, which removes the sheathing and exposes the heated wiring. This can lead to sparking surrounding surfaces caused by short circuiting, resulting in igniting a fire. 12. Forgetting the chimney sweep- Chimney fires are commonly cause by buildup of creosote, dead animals (usually birds or raccoons), and cracked mortar. 13. Overlooking the range hood- Grease and other cooking buildup that’s left on the vent hood filter can drip down on the stovetop, catching the fallen material on fire. AND...14. Arranging furniture unwisely- Furniture can unexpectedly ignite, if you position it by a source of heating such as a fireplace, wood stove, or space heater. These tips are meant to help in the prevention of fires, but if you do have a fire and need immediate assistance, we are here for you 24/7, 365 days a year. Call SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene @ 208-457-1234.   

Why Choose SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene

6/8/2021 (Permalink)

Green semi and trailer "Disaster Recovery" Green semi and trailer "Disaster Recovery"

Why Choose SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene


There is always a 2-step process when first encountering water damage that strikes your home or business. Take a deep breath, then call your friendly neighborhood superhero's @ SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene to come to the rescue! 

SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene is your local Water, Fire and Mold damage experts. Here at SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene, we have a team of qualified technicians to deal with any size water damage disaster that may hit your home or business.

Water damage issues bombard your home or business and unfortunately do not wait during normal business hours. That's why here at SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene we provide emergency services 24/7, 365 days a year! We will be there when you need us. The harm that water can do to your home or business can leave a person feeling defeated, down and overwhelmed. Your SERVPRO team is here for you through it all! 

SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene is equipped to handle any size water damage or disaster at any given time. When you’re doing a search on the internet for the best local water, fire or mold damage company, there are certain things you should look for. It's always a great idea to check the reviews! Are they recent? What are people saying in the community?

So, if you are in need of our services, please don't hesitate to reach out to us @ 208-457-1234!

SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene- Your Disaster Recovery Specialists.

Four tips for preventing Water Damage this summer

5/3/2021 (Permalink)

Flood Cut on wall Flood Cut on Wall

Four Tips for Preventing Water Damage this summer!

Safety Matters 

Coeur d’Alene Idaho is a wonderful place to live, visit and just all around enjoy! Although, the summer season does not mean that you are exempt from having water damage intrude your home.

To avoid water damage risks, these four important tips are a MUST to know!

#1- Pay attention to your Water Bill

Water leaks have been known to surface in hidden areas. More often than not, these leaks go unseen until it is very visible and/or apparent. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR WATER BILL… Is your water bill higher than it should be? There may be a leak! It’s always good to pay attention to your water bill and compare from month to month or even annually. Please be aware, that if you are concerned about a leak or see visible damage, call your local professionals at SERVPRO of Coeur d’Alene.

#2- Test that Sump Pump

This is one of the most important tips because your sump pump keeps water from entering your home and causing further damage. Perform a test each year to ensure that your sump pump is working properly and efficiently.

#3- Repair Water Leaks 

A water leak can happen anywhere in or around your home. If the cause is not found quickly, many times it eventually creates mold damage. You may find leaks in your roof, pipes, windows, foundation, appliances, plumbing fixtures, etc. If you find a leak in one of these places, please be aware it is best to repair it immediately and call your water restoration specialist (SERVPRO of Coeur d’Alene)!

#4- Shut Off your Water for Long Vacations

Shutting off the main shut off valve in your home when you are away is a safety measure that you can take. This step will help prevent leaks from occurring and prevent a major headache when you return home. Avoiding any opportunity for water damage is always the safest way to go.

Lastly, enjoy your summer by taking the above precautions. Call SERVPRO of Coeur d’Alene for any Water Damage Restoration needs. We are open 24/7, 365 days a year for any emergency at 208-457-1234.

Water Removal and Extraction

5/3/2021 (Permalink)

Water puddle with SERVPRO Water Damage Water puddle with SERVPRO Water Damage

Water Removal and Extraction

SERVPRO Steps for Extraction

The water extraction step removes the majority of the water from your home or property. By performing a thorough water extraction, SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene helps to reduce the drying time and helps to prevent mold and secondary water damage. We use powerful pumps and truck-mounted vacuum units to quickly remove hundreds or thousands of gallons of water from your property.

Move-Out / Pack-Out

If your home requires extensive restoration or cleaning, SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene can conduct an organized, efficient move-out to protect your belongings from further damage.

  • Move-Out Service

Emergency Water Removal

Our highly trained technicians will begin the water removal process almost immediately. Depending on the amount of water, we may use powerful submersible pumps in addition to industrial strength, wet/dry vacuums. This step helps to reduce drying time and helps to prevent mold and secondary water damage.

  • Remove Excess Water
  • Use Submersible Pumps and Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuums

Inspect the Carpet Pad and Carpet

SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene inspects the carpet and pad to determine if it should be removed to protect the subfloor.

  • Inspect Carpet Pad and Remove If Needed
  • Inspect Carpet and Remove If Needed

Water Removal Equipment

  • Moisture detectors, hygrometers, and other meters measure the extent of moisture saturation.
  • Infrared cameras may be used to find “hidden” water behind walls and ceilings.
  • Submersible and gas-powered pumps are used for continuous pumping of high-level water.
  • Truck-mounted and portable extraction units perform efficient water removal.

Call your local SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene professionals today @ 208-457-1234.

Trusted Professionals building Quality Relationships

5/3/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO number 1 reason SERVPRO number 1 reason

Trusted Professionals building Quality Relationships

- We are not just about service! 

You may ask the question...What makes SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene so different from other restoration companies? Who are they and how long have they been around? 

SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene is a locally owned and operated franchise in Hayden, Idaho servicing ALL of North Idaho and beyond. Our technicians and staff are well trained and have a history of integrity, respect and great work ethic. 

What matters to you matters to us! Have you ever felt that your concerns aren't being heard? SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene's focus is to make sure you feel valued, your property is being cared for and the job is being done in a timely manner. SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene works as though each job we do is our last! What we do and how we do it matters. 

SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene is a nationwide restoration company built on relationship! We cannot do it alone and know that the North Idaho community is one that is "community strong"! It is the "family feel" that matters... YOU ARE WHAT MATTERS!

Call us anytime at SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene. We are open for any emergency 24/7, 365 days a year at 208-457-1234.

Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services

4/7/2021 (Permalink)

Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services 

Cleaning doesn't have to be a pain! 


SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene will be celebrating our 14th anniversary as a locally owned and operated business this year (2021). We celebrate this accomplishment and remember the decades of successful customer service in this industry and with SERVPRO as a whole! SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene is always looking to hire and train eager, hard working and dedicated individuals to join our SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene family. Our training is "in-house" and we have "on the job experience" which means new employees will learn all about the restoration industry as they work daily with their supervisors and mentors. The working environment, although always professional, is fun and family focused. You can always count on SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene to provide fast, accurate and professionally trained technicians and supervisors on every job. We are on call 24/7 to help you with your home or business emergencies.

Cleaning doesn't have to be a pain! Our professionals are ready to help when you need us most. If you have concerns about smoke or soot damage, grime, build up or deterioration, feel free to call us. We offer: 

  • 24 Hour Emergency Services 
  • Faster to Any Size Disaster
  • Highly Trained Technicians 
  • A Trusted Leader in the Restoration Industry
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Advanced Restoration and Cleaning Equipment
  • 1-4-8 Response Time Guarantee

Do You Have Questions? Call SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene today @ 208-457-1234. 

Commercial & Healthcare Facility Cleaning

4/1/2021 (Permalink)

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned sticker being placed on window Commercial CSC Facility Cleaning

Commercial & Healthcare Facility Cleaning

Our professionals are trained to adhere to the highest of sanitation standards

Disasters at healthcare facilities are complex and often require special training to handle regulated medical waste and comply with HIPPA regulations. Whether we’re dealing with a small medical office or a large hospital campus, SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene's staff works quickly and efficiently to assess your needs, coordinate with environmental and infection control teams, and ensure that all health certifications are obtained prior to completing the job. We have the experience and expertise to manage your cleanup needs so that you are free to focus on your number one priority: your patients! 

Types of Facilities:

  • Hospitals
  • Assisted Living Centers
  • Outpatient Surgical Centers
  • Electronics and Machine Restoration
  • Hospice Facilities
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Medical Office Buildings

SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene is available 24-7/365 to help remediate any damage, regardless of the cause, scale of the loss, or the size of your facility. 

Have an emergency at your healthcare facility? – Call Us at 208-457-1234!

We Can Manage the Unique Safety Concerns of Restoring Your Healthcare Facility

We understand that time is crucial for both you and your patients. You can trust Team SERVPRO of Coeur d'Alene to efficiently restore your facility while adhering to the highest sanitation standards. Our professionals are trained to be mindful of safety, legal, and environmental concerns while working within your budgetary constraints. We know you are in the business of saving lives; our goal is to ensure you have a safe, clean space to do so.

Our Experience Includes:

  • Biohazard Remediation
  • Total Project Management
  • Facilities Cleaning and Restoration
  • Flooding and Water Damage Cleanup
  • Smoke and Soot Cleanup
  • Odor Removal
  • Mold Removal
  • Document and Records Recovery

Why Choose SERVPRO?

Faster to Any Size Disaster

Speed is key. With over 1,800 Franchises across the U.S. and Canada, you can expect emergency work to begin quickly because there's always a SERVPRO location nearby. A fast response lessens the damage, limits further damage, and reduces cost.

Scalable Resources To Accommodate Any Size Project

As a national leader in the restoration industry, SERVPRO can scale the number of personnel, equipment, and project management team members to accommodate any size project. For major events and large scale losses, we can mobilize one of our elite Commercial Large Loss Teams.

Flexible Solutions To Allow Normal Operations

We understand that your educational facility needs to continue operating, even in the face of disaster. In many cases, SERVPRO can clean up in a way that the damaged space can be safely isolated from functional space so that normal operations can proceed around the cleanup. 

If you are in need of any of these services, please don't hesitate to call us. We are "Faster To Any Disaster" and make it "Like it never even happened."